Nepal is a poor country with many problems, and children have not been spared. In Nepal 21% of children are under weight, 25% of girls children and 17% of boys children are working as child labors, altogether 16% of all children do not attend school and especially girls are victims of early marriage. The lives of these children are far more miserable then we could imagine.

sabinadhakalTo address this tragedy small help would be of great use. Sasidhar Thapa from Gulmi, currently living in Australia has been an inspiration as he has sponsored some of his wealth to improve the livelihood of such children. He provides a monthly allowance of NRs. three thousand to Sabina Dhakal from Paparthung-4, Syanjha, Nepal. Nine year old Sabina Dhakal studying in class four in Thaniya School. Her mother is physically impaired and her father died before her birth. She has grown up in poor economic condition however; the grand of three thousand Nepalese rupees helps her to pursuit her educational goals and pays off basic living costs.

To help children like Sabina Dhakal we do not need to be rich but we need to have an interest to serve humanity. Even small funds can bring change and support children regarding their education, accommodation, health and hygiene, and specially keeping them along with their families. Sahara Group hopes to uplift more children next to Sabina out of poverty.