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Bhanubhakta Dhakal

Bhanubhakta Dhakal Chairman – SAHARA Group


Advocating for the protection of child rights and empowerment of women.

Healthy and educated children are the backbone of a nation. It is clear that we can’t imagine of a beautiful and developed nation without bringing a smile on the face of children. All the nations in the world which are developing rapidly are found to be prioritizing the protection and rights of children.

SAHARA Group believes in

“All the nations should give first priority to the children.”

Children are also the admirable creation of god. They are the future of the nation. The nation should take all the responsibilities of children’s upbringing along with their health, educational, nutritional need. The investment in the field of children should be increased. Activities against the well being of children should be declared as unforgivable crime. Every form of violence against children, i.e. sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, child labor is the representation of un-civilization and example of crime which needs to be prevented. But we Nepali has to sadly accept this fact; we have not been able to prevent the activities which are against the rights of children. Therefore, absolute activities for the better childhood, promotion of child rights is yet to be done.

SAHARA Group wishes to work in coordination with the related stakeholder for the well being, protection and rights of children and with that wants to complete the dream to create a beautiful and prosperous society.

– Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal – Chairman

Purnima Chhetri
Purnima Singh Chhetri –
Executive Director
It’s been 7-8 years I have been working in the development field for various social issues. Last 5 years of my career was great as I  got chance to widen my knowledge in social work and specially towards vulnerable group of women and children.
Since I am from a social work background, I am always eager to learn more and study every aspects of our society. I have a belief that to support certain issue, the work should be done in holistic approach.  No stone left unfolded.
In this journey of my career Sahara group has given me a new platform. I feel fortunate enough to be part of such an outstanding team, where everyone is enthusiastic to learn and work for the betterment of our society. Sahara has given me a chance to expand my knowledge and practice on child protection and women’s equality and empowerment.

“when you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place”- Unknown



Sanjina Dhakal
Sanjina Dhakal

I have just completed bachelor’s degree in Social Work. I have been working as a social worker in SAHARA Group since 3 months. I always had desire of working with children and SAHARA provided me the opportunity to work in this sector and understand the condition of children and how we can play an important role in providing them safe environment to live. Not only this, SAHARA Group gave me an opportunity to work in the community which improved my communication and leadership skills. I am getting opportunity to learn many things and motivated by the senior staffs of the organization.

Dhanendra Thapa
Dhanendra Thapa
Currently I am studying bachelor in social work in Kadambari Memorial College. According to the requirement of our college we have to spend 250 hours volunteering in social organizations. I am volunteering in SAHARA Group since few months.  It is an organization working actively in empowering women and street children. I am having great time working in this organization. I am feeling proud being part of this organization.

Venessa Shreoter
Vanessa Schroeter
Bachelor in Arts in Community Development, Murdoch University Australia

I always had the desire to help and support people in need, and with passion to change their life’s. Volunteering and working in a variety of organisations in Nepal my observation confirmed that people eager for improvement require tools and knowledge to help themselves and determine change. Sahara Group gave me a chance to participate in a different approach towards empowerment and against abuse and inequalities. I am delighted to supported Sahara Group and people in need regarding these issues.