Welcome to the official site of Sahara Group

Sahara is an innovative not-for-profit social organisation, established on September 1997. In the past few years, Sahara has promoted social awareness amongst rural communities, broaching the issue of child protection, women empowerment, economic opportunities, and human rights. The programs’ goal was to uplift people’s, often humble, living conditions. Today, our NGO emphasizes on abuse and neglect, battling towards the dream of

Every child to prosper in a child friendly environment, experiencing a carefree childhood full of joy, play, happiness and curiosity.
Children should grow with a sense of safety where they are protected and prevented from any form of abuse.

Equally important to Sahara is the physical, psychological and economic wellbeing of women. Therefore, Sahara intends to address range of women issues too. Our focus lies on a holistic approach towards women and child rights and protection.